War on the Horizon: How to Get Ready for 2018

| September 9, 2017

Never has the chance of war been more prominent than now – and if sanctions don’t work, that could be what we’re facing in 2018. North Korea is threatening nuclear destruction and tensions with Russia are shaky. Let’s not forget that Iran was given billions of dollars and they’re putting it toward nuclear capabilities – and they house a deep hatred for our country.

Nuclear Mushroom by Statue of Liberty

A war today would eclipse most of the other wars we’ve been involved in tenfold – because it would likely be nuclear. Loss of lives, destruction of property, communications and everything we take for granted could be gone in an instant.

Our lives as we know it now would disappear – maybe for decades. If you’re one of the lucky ones who survive, you need to be self-sufficient by preparing for the worst. Those who survive an initial attack must be highly prepared if they’re to survive the awful aftermath.

Nuclear War Preparations

Countries such as Israel know about bombings and have erected bomb shelters near schools, governments and businesses in their nation. The United States hasn’t had to deal with bombings across the nation, so we have no access whatsoever to shelters.

It falls to us to prepare for the worst by gathering such objects as chemical protective masks that are rated for chemical and nuclear emergencies. We should also have on hand a supply of potassium iodide pills which reduce the chances of developing cancer after radiation exposure.

A supply of food and water is also mandatory. Heed warnings from the government carefully. If you get the message that the missiles are coming, evacuate as soon as possible to the country or – if you’re lucky enough to have a bomb-proof shelter nearby, head to that.

Traffic Jam

You’ll want to have a supply of detailed road maps for your area (look for Delorme maps). GPS will probably not be available and you want to know the least used roads that will get you out of the city, so detailed maps are important.

Evacuation will likely bring traffic to a halt, so avoid those areas that you know will be congested. Trail maps are also necessary. You may get nowhere by car and have to rely on topographic maps to lead you to lakes and mountains where survival is possible.

All Systems Down

The downfall of the electrical grid will make it necessary that you have a good power source on hand. Portable solar panels can be a good choice for that. Other critical emergency supplies include weapons for hunting – and possible self-defense.

Martial law will likely be announced which involves government rationing of food and long lines to get it. The immediate downfall for the power grid will cause disruption to transportation systems we rely on for food distribution.

Martial Law

You’ll want to sit down with your family and figure out a good plan for meeting if an attack happens when you’re all separated. Have a couple of plans ready because one place may not be available.

The next war, if it happens, promises to be one of biblical proportions. If you’re not prepared your survival chances are poor. Learn all you can now about survival techniques and talk to your family about which supplies to have on hand and other critical data that will increase your chances of survival.


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