Surviving Weather Threats in 2018

| September 8, 2017

We’ve seen devastating hurricanes this year and miles-wide fires destroying everything in their paths and we’re likely to see worse in the coming months and years. Devastating natural disasters are happening on and around our planet.


Storms will become so deadly that even the topography of the Earth may drastically change. It’s becoming more important for you and your family to know what to do and how to prepare when weather threatens your life.

Sometimes severe weather strikes with little notice, so you need to know how to survive during and after a catastrophic weather event. Weather disasters will likely bring power outages, flooding and communication will be difficult, if not impossible.

Know Your Zone

If you’re in a flood zone, tornado or hurricane area, be sure you have the appropriate supplies to help you survive. A survival supply of water, food, medical supplies, flashlights, extra batteries, and access to important documents can set you apart from the others who find bare store shelves when they try to stock up at the last minute.

You can find detailed lists online of what you’ll need on hand to survive a severe weather event. Have a checklist when you prepare and be sure everything is readily accessible if a disaster should happen.

Forest Fire

If you’re likely to evacuate, you should keep the survival items in a container that’s easy to carry. Water should be stored in containers that won’t decompose like glass bottles or milk cartons.

Figure that each person should have about two quarts of water every day and keep in mind that heat or lots of physical activity might increase that amount. Store some non-perishable foods that don’t require refrigeration or cooking.

We often take water for granted, but a catastrophic weather event such as a hurricane can cause storm surges. Storm surges can contaminate water, so take more water than you think you’ll need.

If a weather disaster strikes a major city, there will be millions of refugees, so you must know how to feed yourself and your family with only the food you can carry. Choose wisely to protect your chances of survival.

Aftermath of a Tornado

It’s Not Just The Weather

Other things can cause a threat to the atmosphere, besides Mother Nature. The clear and present threat of a nuclear war from rogue countries such as North Korea is yet another reason you should be prepared for survival.

If we did happen to be attacked with nuclear weapons, the aftermath will be as devastating as the actual attack. There could be nuclear or extended winters, radioactive fallout and more. The American Red Cross has preparation tips to get ready if a nuclear event should happen. The world is in chaos now, but not nearly as much as it stands to be in 2018. Be prepared.


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