Preparing for Terror Threats for 2018

| September 9, 2017

The threat of terrorist attacks in the coming year is real and preparing for them should be your top priority. ISIS is calling on their followers to wreak havoc on America – poisoning food supplies where Hurricane Harvey hit, running over people in crowds, and they’re even working on drones that can carry a dirty bomb to a populated area.


We’ve seen what’s been happening all around the globe, and while 2017 hasn’t seen the same circumstances as we did in 2016 with San Bernadino and Orlando, it doesn’t mean an attack like that is off the table. It just means they’re planning something that hasn’t happened this year yet – or for the next one.

Although the attacks are usually random and you or members of your family could be anywhere when it happens, you should know some steps to take if or when it happens to you.

Keep A Clear Head

There isn’t one defining answer for surviving a terrorist attack, but your state of mind can help increase your chances of survival after the attack. Your adrenaline is pumping and your mind is searching for a way out of the horror of gunshots or explosions. You must act quickly to survive.

First, find the appropriate cover. That doesn’t mean ducking under a desk. Concrete pillars or other type of sturdy structure is the best choice. Call 911 immediately if you can and then look around for other people you can join. There is safety in numbers.

Do exactly what you’re told by authorities. If you hear on TV that an attack is imminent or has already happened, pay close attention to directions and follow those orders. If you’re in an attack and see that others are collapsing around you, cover your mouth and nose in case the attack is chemical.


If you’re at ground zero after surviving a terrorist attack, your first thought is quick escape. This is where preparedness can save your life. When entering a building, always make a mental note when you enter of where the exits are.

Being outside during a terror attack gives you more options to get away, but if you’re trapped inside a building that has been overcome by terrorists, your options are severely limited.

At this time you can try to escape if you think there is a good chance you can make it – or you can hunker down and wait for an “all clear.” Another option is to fight – especially if you’re confronted by a terrorist. Grab an object that you can do harm with such as a knife, piece of broken glass or other object.

Keep in mind that terrorists are likely to be highly trained in fighting techniques, so don’t fight unless you have to – but fight to kill if you’re forced. You’re going to be afraid, but don’t let fear control your actions.

You have a much better chance for surviving a terrorist attack if you stay calm and use your head rather than panic. Remember that the terrorist wants to instill fear in the population and keep you paranoid and panicked.

Man Armed with Baseball Bat

If you know a few basic rules about survival, you can create a balance between the bullying techniques of terrorists and knowing you’re as psychologically prepared as possible.

Today, there are instructions for making a dirty bomb on the Internet – almost anyone can find radioactive substances to make one and use it when you least expect it. The potential for future terrorism is real.

Preparedness in every way possible should now be a mandatory part of your life if you want to cope and survive. Terrorism has come to our shores – and it’s time to get prepared. With the clear and present danger from a terrorist attack being foremost in our minds today, awareness and preparedness are the keys to surviving whatever comes in 2018.


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